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Drama Queens

Drama queens…..we all know them.  Some of us may admit to being one.  Some of us are drama kings.  I’ve even heard my 6 and 7 year old students call each other drama queens.  I’ve heard people proclaim, “I hate drama!” while they are in the thick of creating a dramatic thunderstorm.  Men claim that women are more dramatic, but I’ve been around plenty of men who create their own drama.  Some people really seem to thrive on it, whether they are creating it in their own lives, or creating it in someone else’s.  I think to some extent, we have all probably been guilty of that, especially as children, but there comes a time to let go of that.  There are also different levels of dramatic behavior. Some dramatic behavior is less harmful than others.

I think that a lot of people create drama for attention.  They have a need for attention, and if they aren’t getting it, they will create something to draw attention to themselves.  I think others really enjoy creating havoc in someone else’s life, and like watching people either hurt or scramble to pick up the pieces.  That takes me back to middle and high school, with the girls, and talking about each other, flirting with each other’s boyfriends, etc.  Fortunately, I had some pretty good friends growing up, and there wasn’t much of that.  Most of us are still very close and supportive of each other.

But where does the need to dramatize, or stir up trouble come from?  Why is it a thrill for some people to try to “win,” cause trouble, or hurt each other?  We see it in politics, hear about it through the gossip of Hollywood, see it in the workplace, or within our own families and friends.  Is it to get people to like us, or pity us?  Why is it satisfying to intentionally hurt people?  Is it learned, or are we born with a “mean gene?”  Is it about competition?  Is it about attention?  Is it just human nature?  I had an employer once who got involved in the employees’ personal lives, and even started rumors about which employees might be dating!  It didn’t matter that one of them might be married!  She just found joy in stirring up trouble, all the while proclaiming, “I hate drama!”  WHY?!

I am one of those who truly does hate drama, and tends to keep to myself in order to avoid it.  I actually feel sick to my stomach if I find myself in the middle of it! Why can’t people be nice?  We all have our differences, and that’s what makes this a beautiful world.  But no one needs to be mean, cruel, or create problems for others for entertainment purposes or for attention.  No one.  I have found myself in tense or dramatic situations, and because I’m a “doormat,” I say nothing and let it eat at me.  If, however, I see someone else being treated unfairly, bullied, or laughed at, just to satisfy a drama queen’s thirst for creating havoc, I will put a stop to it.  My fuse tends to be much slower when it comes to myself, but that only lasts for so long……maybe I will write about that another time.

I’ve heard that people create their own drama in their lives, but I don’t believe that is the case all of the time.  I believe that some people create their own drama, and if that’s what makes them thrive, then that’s ok….as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.  The rest of us are just doing the best we can, trying to be nice and compassionate to each other, facing each day, and what it brings.


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